Being my own advocate

When I’m “being my own advocate”, I self-advocate HARD.

Pump coordinator telling me that I’m “not allowed” to start a pump and CGM at the same time? Time to diabitch out and go over her head to get my personal robo-pancreas party started. Hospital nurse* saying that I’m “too skinny to have the ‘bad kind’ of diabetes” and attempting to give me an insulin shot that would have killed me based on SOMEONE ELSE’S correction factor? Cranking the diabitch knob to 11, refusing the shot, and demanding to see a doctor before anyone else can give me anything.

Pharmacist insisting that he can only give me one vial of Novolog for the month based on my prescription? This diabitch is going to show him how to do some basic math. (Units in vial)/(TDD) = an apology, the right number of vials and one of those CVS branded glucose meters thrown in for free as a peace offering.

I’m kinda like the Hulk with a busted pancreas and fewer destroyed clothes.

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