The diabetes interview

Q: First of all, creating a diabetes superhero team that aims to “educate, enlighten and entertain” people on how to live life with diabetes is a great idea! What inspired you to use this particular form of art as a way to spread the message about diabetes?

BILL & BRAD: We’re both actors and standup comedians and being in the entertainment business we decided to express our message in the manner we felt most comfortable with. We created these characters in the same manner we do when playing roles on TV and in film. Through Captain Glucose & Meter Boy our goal is to convey a positive, informative, yet entertaining message about diabetes. They symbolize what we feel most people who have to battle this disease are at heart – Diabetes Superheroes. Since our motto is “Be Your Own Diabetes Superhero” we want to encourage and nurture that in every person with diabetes. Also, being standup comedians we feel that adding humor and having a sense of humor about, helps to deliver the awareness in a much more fun way.

When we first started out we dressed up and were live characters. However, we felt that the animated Captain Glucose & Meter Boy could take on more superhero qualities and given the popularity of animation in movies and on TV they seem to have more of an impact. Besides, the best part about being animated…we never age! I mean, seriously, how old is Superman? He still has jet black hair and rock-hard abs!

Q: Guide us through the creative process – who usually comes up with the ideas for the comic-strips and videos, including the different diabetes-related characters (i.e the Blood Sugar Maniac villain, the Pancreas State Prison, etc.) ?

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