Septum piercing pain and dangers of it

During my pregnancy, when I got so spherical that I didn’t really *have* a belly button anymore (no, really, it goes–you can see where it is/was, but there’s no more “in” to an “innie” anymore), my piercing didn’t “explode.”

So my belly button piercing was not showing anymore. But my septum piercing was still there. I still remember the first days when I experience septum piercing pain. It was not pleasant, I must say. There’s a few dangers of septum piercing, too, which you should consider if choosing to doing one.

Of course, I had taken out my navel adornment when I had started to go all Veruca Salt (at about 7 mos).

I’m not sure where a belly button piercing can “migrate” to, but mine stayed put.

It was probably about a year after having our baby before it really even occurred to me to adorn my belly button again. With a bit of patient examination, I found my piercing. It was a bit smaller in circumference, but by no means healed closed.

Septum piercing pain

Yes, it hurt a bit to put a piece back in for the first time, but compared to natural childbirth, it was on par with an aggressive manicure.

Now it looks just as it did before, and years on, I still wear the piece my little one helped pick out for me at three years old. (Thank the heredity gods, there’s not a stretch mark to be found!)

septum piercing

Septum piercing

It is said that septum piercing is not acceptable by elderly today. Earlobe stretching comes up frequently in our household, because my oldest very much admires some people with that particular body modification. I have simply asked her to keep in mind that some modifications are easily reversed while other will require painful and expensive surgeries should she change her mind.

It takes the emphasis off whether or not I approve and puts it on whether or not it would be the right choice for her, which is where the focus should be.

Sometimes, you’re dealing with rebels without causes – and it can get old pretty quick.

When I was in college, I had a friend who replaced her naturally curly light brown hair w/a bright green Mohawk.

It just got so BORING. Whenever you were with her, where ever you went, all anybody talked about was her bright green Mohawk.

She was a very quiet sweet girl. Withdrawn.

I thought she was trying to let the bright green Mohawk do the talking FOR her.

Thing is, the bright green Mohawk didn’t have much to say.

I was sympathetic, but bored.

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